The missing child, A.
The missing child, A.Ariel P.

Ariel, a divorced father, is deeply worried, after his young son "A." disappeared 40 days ago.

A. turns 3 years old today.

According to Ariel, his ex-wife absconded with the child, and he doesn't know where they are, or how his son is. The father claims a deep connection with the child, and he is worried about his fate.

However, when Ariel went to the police, they refused to file a complaint. "He said that the law in Israel doesn't allow me to submit any complaint about the missing child," Ariel explained to independent journalist Marianne Azizi, in a video she published on Facebook.

The police simply told Ariel that the boy had last been seen with his mother, and so was okay by Israeli legal standards.

"I don't know if she's alive, if my son is alive, I don't know if he's okay, or if he ate," Ariel became visibly distressed during the interview.

In another incident of child abduction, another investigative journalist was arrested, when she interviewed a man who disappeared from the public eye with his 4-year-old son, while the police were still searching for him.

Marianne pointed out the sharp contrast between a father and a mother abductor in Israeli law, after Israeli authorities jailed the man "after 3 months of searching and cooperation between prosecutors and welfare services," but won't search for a mother who steals her child.

Regarding Ariel's experience at the police station, she posted that "the message was clear - it's a father and he has no rights."