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The Tel Aviv District court ruled this morning (Tuesday) that an Israeli woman who had landed at Ben-Gurion airport and looked to enter the country with a baby girl from Sri Lanka, will have to undergo a DNA test to establish that she's the baby's mother.

The woman claims that she's the baby's biological mother. The baby's fate will be determined by the test. It won't be deported for now.

The Israeli woman, from Ramat Gan, landed in Israel on Saturday with a year-old baby. She claims that she gave birth to the baby in Sri Lanka but immigration authorities want to deport it, claiming that the woman refuses to undergo DNA testing.

The woman, for her part, claims that she didn't refuse, but had only insisted that the test be administered in Israel. District court judge Ruth Lavhar Sharon ruled that the woman must appear in court and submit to a blood test.

The court ruled that the test be administered today, and the baby will not be admitted into the country until the results come back. The judge leveled serious criticism at the woman for her conduct and her refusal to undergo the test until today.

"I promise to go through the test today," the woman declared after the ruling, "I have been made aware that the results will be back by Friday night. I understand that if the results are negative there will be no need for further court rulings and the baby will be deported."