Hamas terrorists in Gaza
Hamas terrorists in GazaPhoto: Abed Rahim Khatib/ Flash90

Cleared for publication: In July, the Shin Bet and the Israel Police arrested Wahid Abdallah Borsh, 38, of Jabaliya in Gaza , on suspicion he used his position in the UN Development Program (UNDP), to help Hamas.

The UNDP agency runs restoration and development projects for the population in Gaza, including restoration work on houses damaged during military engagements.

Wahid Borsh worked as an engineer in the agency since 2003. He was in charge of demolition of houses that were destroyed and clearing debris from the construction sites.

Borsh's interrogation by the Shin Bet yielded the revelation that in 2014 he was instructed by a senior Hamas official to conduct his work in the UNDP in such a way as to enable Hamas to gain the maximum benefit from it.

Borsh then did various things to help the Hamas. In 2015, he helped build a marina for the use of Hamas' military wing in the north of the Gaza Strip, using UNDP resources.

The investigators also discovered that within the framework of construction project of which Borsh was in charge in 2015, he lobbied his supervisors to give higher priority to areas in which senior Hamas officials lived, as he'd been asked to do by Hamas.

In addition, when UNDP operations would reveal weapons depots or tunnel entrances, Borsh ensured Hamas would be able to arrive and take control of the area immediately, contrary to UNDP regulations.

Borsh told investigators about additional Hamas operatives who are involved in humanitarian aid operations, and gave over information regarding Hamas bases, weapons depots and tunnels.

An indictment was filed against him today in the Be'er Sheva district court.

The Foreign Ministry has sent information about the arrest of their erstwhile employee to the UN Secretary-General's office and the heads of the UNDP organization in New York.

"We expect the UN and especially the UNDP to issue a strong condemnation of the Hamas for taking advantage of the aid organizations. We also expect concrete action to be taken to ensure that the humanitarian aid resources reach the ones who need it and not Hamas terror mongers," the Foreign Ministry statement read.

Last week it was revealed that the head of the Gaza branch of the World Vision charity organization had been using his position to transfer funds to Hamas terrorists.