MK Dudi Amsalem
MK Dudi AmsalemPhoto: Jonathan Sindel/Flash 90

Chairman of the Knesset Internal Affairs and Environment Committee MK Dudi Amsalem (Likud) has initiated a new bill which would prohibit criminal investigation of a sitting Prime Minister for small infractions.

"My bill proposes that no criminal investigation will be opened against the Prime Minister for crimes that have a penalty of less than six months prison time," wrote Amsalem on his Facebook page.

The MK claims that this bill was filed without the knowledge of Prime Minister Netanyahu, who is currently under investigation by the police. "As to the timing of the bill, it's not relevant. In our country there are secret and open investigations ongoing against the Prime Minister all the time, in any given moment.

"I propose that anyone who thinks that I'm doing this to save the PM update me when there's a window of time in which no investigations are ongoing, and I'll be happy to file my law proposal then so as to avoid any allegations of ulterior motives," Amsalem added.

The MK says that seeing as Prime Minister is the most important job in Israel, and the person occupying the office constantly has to make momentous decisions in the diplomatic, security, economic and social realms,"we can't busy him every day with investigations. I don't know one democratic country in the world whose Prime Minister so often stars in various investigation affairs.

"No one really believes that the whole world is populated by saints and only Israel has thieves. In the past 30 years there wasn't one Prime Minister who wasn't busy with investigations: Rabin and his wife's Dollars affair, Barak and the non-profit organizations, Sharon and the Greek island, Olmert and the traveling, Netanyahu and the gifts, the bottles, and more," Amsalem specified.

"In order to avoid all this, my bill proposes that a sitting Prime Minister will not be investigated for crimes for which the penalty is less than six months in prison. However, seeing as it is not right that the PM should get off Scot-free for potential crimes, the bill also proposes that the time the PM is in office will not be taken into account for the statute of limitations on the crime, and thus any such issues can be investigated after the Prime Minister's term is up."