Tanks near Gaza in Protective Edge
Tanks near Gaza in Protective EdgeFlash 90

Ofer Mendelovich, the father of Oz Mendelovich who was killed in action during operation Protective Edge, said in an interview today (Monday) that he opposes the letter written by a group of bereaved parents demanding that an official state committee be set up to investigate government and IDF conduct during the operation.

The letter was sent yesterday to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, and Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkott. "I understand the families who signed onto the letter," said Mendelovich, "but personally I decided not to join them because no investigation in the world would bring back my precious boy Ozi.

"The leadership during that conflict acted with serious restraint. I don't know if there is a leader or leadership anywhere in the rest of the world who deals with such complex problems, and I don't know if there's anyone in this country who would have had anyone else lead but Bibi in those days. Neither would they replace [then Defense Minister] Boogie [Ya'alon] or [then Chief of Staff Benny] Gantz, said the father in the interview with Radio Darom.

He added: "I am satisfied with the fact that the government policy-makers drew their conclusions, as well as the army, and we go on. There's no reason to keep on digging. Even if Netanyahu made some mistakes, I'm sure there is no one else today who has the same experience needed to lead us to meet the coming challenges."