Torah scroll with yad (archive)
Torah scroll with yad (archive)Rachael Cerrotti - Flash 90

Hundreds of new fighters from the ranks of the Hesder yeshiva program, in which a soldier combines army service with a significant period of Torah study, will join the IDF this month.

To be precise, according to data published by the Union of Yeshivot, 87% of those draftees belonging to the Hesder program will join combat units this month.

The Head of the Union, Muley Yaselzon, praised the development. "In these times of sorrow [the Three Weeks of mourning for the destruction of the Jewish Temple - ed.], yeshiva students, lovers of the Torah and the community of Israel are joining the IDF.

"From out of the places of (Torah) study bursts the call for the unity of Israel, out of a sense of friendship and bearing a common burden.

"Our strength lies in our unity, which derives from the power of our Holy Torah," she added.