The vehicle used in the attack
The vehicle used in the attackPhoto: IDF spokesperson

IDF forces in the early hours of this morning (Thursday) found and confiscated a vehicle that was used to ram IDF soldiers in a terror attack near the town of Dolev, north of Jerusalem, earlier this year.

The vehicle was found in the village of Bitunya, adjacent to Ramallah.

In the terror attack - which occurred in the beginning of May - one of the solders was seriously wounded and was evacuated in a helicopter to the Tel Hashomer hospital in Tel Aviv. Two more soldiers were lightly wounded and were evacuated to the Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital in Jerusalem.

Meir Mizrahi, a resident of the Nachlaot neighborhood in Jerusalem and father of one of the wounded soldiers, recounted at the time: "I was coming back from work and my daughter called and told me to take a cab immediately to Hadassah Ein Kerem because my son had been wounded. I got to the hospital and saw my son, his leg was injured, but I think he's OK."

"I know the results of terror attacks from up close, I'm afraid. 10 years ago my sister and her husband were murdered in a terror attack in Gush Katif, next week is their memorial day. I'm happy that my kid is alright and he's getting great treatment here, we'll wish him a full recovery, together with the rest of the wounded of course," the father added.

Rifles, knives and swords confiscated in night raids

In other counter-terrorism operations throughout the night, IDF forces together with the Shin Bet and the Samaria regional police raided the village of Qalil on the outskirts of Shechem. They confiscated a hunting rifle, two pistols, ammunition, and additional military equipment.

In Kafr Aqab in northern Jerusalem a pistol was captured. In addition, the IDF conducted a large-scale operation in the Beit Awwa village in the southern Har Hevron area, confiscating knives and swords.

In yet another operation, 16 suspects were arrested in Judea and Samaria. 14 of them are suspected of criminal involvement in violent disturbances of the peace. They were taken for questioning.