Iran's Bushehr nuclear plant
Iran's Bushehr nuclear plantReuters

A secret document added to the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal was revealed on Tuesday, highlighting the rogue state’s intentions to renew and even expand full-scale uranium enrichment operations in the coming years.

The document, an addendum to last year’s agreement, was filed by Iran with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), laying out the Islamic regime’s planned expansions of its uranium enrichment program in 2027, 11 years after the agreement went into effect in early 2016.

Unlike other additions to the Iranian nuclear deal, this document was never released to the public. The Associated Press, which received a copy of the document, revealed the existence of the leaked addendum on Tuesday.

Also on Tuesday, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif praised his country’s ability to restore and even expand its nuclear program, despite what the Obama administration claimed were “comprehensive” restrictions which would curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

Calling it a “matter of pride”, Zarif said Iran would restore its full nuclear program in a decade, when limitations imposed as part of the nuclear agreement expire.

Zarif said that the full text of the addendum would soon be made available to the public, and that the document lays out “where we will stand in 15 years”.

In 2027, for instance, the addendum notes that Iran will replace its existing centrifuges with newer ones five times more efficient.