Light rail train, Jerusalem
Light rail train, JerusalemFlash 90

Following the capture Sunday morning of a Palestinian Authority resident carrying a pack of explosive devices, Jerusalem District Police Commander Yoram HaLevy confirmed to reporters that the would-be bomber had targeted the Jerusalem light rail.

The terrorist was intercepted by train security guards after arousing their suspicion. During questioning by the guards, the terrorist admitted that he was carrying bombs in his bag.

The terrorist was distanced from the train and sections of Yafo and King George streets were shut down to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Police arrived at the scene shortly after and arrested the would-be bomber.

HaLevy told reporters that the terrorist was carrying a relatively large explosive pack, which he apparently intended to set off after he boarded the light rail train.

The District Commander added that Israeli security forces had no prior warning ahead of the attempted attack, and that the bomber was stopped only thanks to alert train guards.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat praised the guards’ work, thanking them for warding off what could have potentially been a catastrophic attack.

“This morning, thanks to the alertness of the light rail guards of the City of Jerusalem, a huge terror attack was prevented.”