Site of Nice terror attack
Site of Nice terror attackReuters

Surprising condemnations of the terrorist attack in Nice, France, in which 84 people were murdered, were heard Friday from both Hamas and Hezbollah.

Hamas issued a statement condemning the attack, calling it "a brutal act of terrorism." The organization also sent condolences to the families of those killed, claiming it "rejects all forms of terrorism and extremism".

Hamas also used the opportunity to take a shot at Israel, claiming that "the Palestinian people are suffering from Israeli terror."

Meanwhile, the Lebanon-based Hezbollah also condemned the truck attack and said that a wave of terrorism hitting the world doesn't differentiate between "old or young, white or black and is not targeting a specific religion but humanity."

"What Western countries are witnessing is a reflection to terrorism that we are living in our region that has burnt our people," added the group.

Middle East leaders united earlier on Friday in condemning the truck and calling for a joint struggle against extremism.

In Israel, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said the Nice attack was "a reminder that terrorism can strike anywhere" and offered his country's "help to the French government to fight against this evil which must be eradicated".

But condemnation was also forthcoming from Sunni Muslim Arab leaders.

Sunni Islam's leading center of learning, Al-Azhar, said the "vile terrorist attack" contradicted Islam and urged the world to unite efforts "to defeat terrorism and rid the world of its evil".

Tunisia said that the attacker, who police said held joint French-Tunisian citizenship, had committed an act of "extreme cowardice" and expressed solidarity with France against the "scourge of terrorism".

It also said it was opening a judicial inquiry into the attack.

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