UK Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis
UK Chief Rabbi Ephraim MirvisOffice of the Chief Rabbi

New UK Prime Minister Theresa May officially took office yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon after an audience with the Queen, and following an extremely hectic few weeks in which the British public shockingly voted to exit the European Union, David Cameron resigned as Prime Minister, analysts' favorite for the job Boris Johnson withdrew from the running, and rival Andrea Leadsom decided to end her campaign so as not to drag the country through a long election process. This unexpected series of events catapulted May into one of the most important political positions in Europe in an extraordinarily short period of time.

Yet, Prime Minister May still found the time to dine with UK Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis and his family, on the night before she was installed in the office.

"Today, Theresa May becomes Prime Minister at a time of great political, social and economic uncertainty," the Chief Rabbi said in a statement, "Few people are more talented or better qualified to tackle these immense challenges. I recall the speed and the sensitivity with which she reached out to the Jewish community following the terror attacks on Jewish targets in Europe last year. As she made clear then - 'Without its Jews, Britain would not be Britain'. She has proved herself to be a friend and champion of our community and of other faith communities who share her values of tolerance and understanding."

Rabbi Mirvis went on to reveal May's whereabouts on the night before her appointment.

"Last night, on the eve of her becoming Prime Minister, Theresa May kept a longstanding arrangement to join Valerie and me at our home for dinner. The fact that she did this in the midst of critically important preparations before taking up office is a reflection of her strong desire to keep to her commitments and the esteem in which she holds the British Jewish community. I was delighted to have the opportunity to give her my blessings at this very auspicious time."

The Chief Rabbi also took the opportunity to praise outgoing Prime minister David Cameron, noting his work to promote Holocaust remembrance and education, and thanking Cameron for "his deep friendship and for his unwavering commitment to promoting the values of decency, respect, liberty and responsibility."