Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland decorated to welcome the Republican National Convention
Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland decorated to welcome the Republican National ConventionAngelo Merendino/Getty Images

Attorney Marc Zell, who chairs the Republican Party's Israel branch, praised the GOP's new party platform, hailing it as the most "pro-Israel platform" ever.

Zell, who was present during the GOP Platform Committee hearing which prepared the document, noted that the latest version removes all reference to Palestinian statehood and the two-state solution.

"After 25 years, finally a new version has been accepted [with reference to Israel], which rejects the two-states for two peoples solution and embraces Israel."

Even Zell, he admits, was surprised by the changes.

"We never imagined such a pro-Israel platform. Even the Jewish establishment tried to block it, but it was so touching yesterday to see 112 young people stand up and applaud [the change]."

Zell argues the changes would, if Trump defeats Clinton in November, help improve the Israel-American relationship, repairing what he called the "damage" caused by the current White House.

"We are now one week away from the Republican National Convention, and the decision to change the platform was the result of hard work; we managed to change what had been in place for years. And, in total contrast to what's going on in the Democratic party, our love for Israel was firmly established [in the party platform] yesterday; personally I was near tears."

"It just goes to show how important Israel is for Donald Trump," said Zell, who last December blasted Trump as a salesman who was unfit for the presidency.

"The voters understand that to lead the United States, you need a person who knows more than how to sell products, with all due respect to Donald Trump, and everything he has achieved in his career. In my opinion, he cannot be President of the United States."

Now, however, Zell has embraced the former reality TV star, saying his election would be a boon to Israel.

"If he gets elected as president, I believe he will finally transfer the US embassy to Jerusalem."