Gay pride march (illustration)
Gay pride march (illustration)Reuters

Breitbart editor and gay conservative star Milo Yiannopoulos has announced that he will be leading a “gay pride” march through one of the Muslim ghettos in Stockholm during that city’s upcoming Gay Pride Week events.

Yiannopoulos made the announcement in a live conversation with journalist Dave Rubin.

“When you start to enforce your political or social opinions through violence, that’s when there’s a problem,” explained Yiannopoulos. “That is the moment when the whole world should be saying ‘you are the problem and we’re going to do what it takes to protect ourselves from you’, but the left doesn’t do that."

Rubin brought up the fact that there was a military-like presence of armed police officers at the recent gay pride festival in Hollywood shortly after the Orlando terrorist attacks.

“Because it’s become dangerous to be gay again,” replied Yiannopoulos. “Why? Islam. It hasn’t become physically dangerous to be gay in America because of evangelicals, because of Mormons, because of Zoroastrians. It’s not the […] Buddhists, you know, that have got police out protecting gay pride marches.

“I’m going to go to Sweden in a couple of weeks and lead the parade in Sweden through the Muslim ghetto,” he announced. “A year ago, Swedish authorities told a gay march off for being too unnecessarily provocative for marching through a Muslim area. Now to my mind, the point of gay pride was always to be brave and defiant in the face of hateful social conservatism, right? I thought that was it. That’s what they’re doing.

“So I’m going to go and I’m going to be there in Sweden in a couple of weeks and march through this heavily Muslim area to remind people, and I hope it will remind people in Europe at least, what the problem is today,” he announced.

Yiannopoulos has risen to celebrity status in recent months for his controversial campaigns and comments, as well as his outspoken support for Republican presidential campaign Donald Trump.