David Amsalem
David AmsalemMiriam Alster/Flash 90

The head of the Knesset's Internal Committee, MK Dudi Amsalem (Likud), has commented on a recently-revealed police document that includes intelligence information on Knesset members and ministers.

"I asked to convene the committee because it seems there's something wrong," he said. "I want to hear what motivated the police to put together such a document and I want to understand what it was needed for."

He added: "On a personal level it doesn't bother me. What they have done so far is to declare all Knesset members since 2014 as potential suspects. What's more important to me is the police procedures. Did a deputy commissioner wake up one morning and decide to scan police computers and investigate Knesset members? I want to understand how and why. I give permission for everything that the police have on me to be published on all news outlets. If I broke the law, they should put me on trial."

Amsalem also stated that he is opposed to MK Yoav Kish's (Likud) bill calling to prevent Knesset members from appealing to the Supreme Court against Knesset decisions.

"I'm hearing about it now and I'm not familiar with the bill," he said. "I don't understand its reasoning and I will speak with MK Kish so he can explain the reasoning to me. I can't understand why a Knesset member is supposed to be different from any other citizen. If MKs can't file appeals they'll send other citizens or organizations to submit in the place.

"Everyone has the right to appeal to the Supreme Court. I don't think it cheapens the Knesset that its decisions are brought before the Supreme Court. In a democratic country, the Supreme Court is allowed to criticize the Knesset's decisions. I am critical of the Supreme Court for changing Knesset laws. If tomorrow the Knesset passes an extremist bill then a Knesset member can't appeal to the Supreme Court? The opposition didn't participate in the bill so it can't appeal to the Supreme Court? It doesn't sound reasonable to me. Why are we afraid of the Supreme Court? Is the Supreme Court the enemy of the nation?"