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Trash (illustration)Flash 90

The Palestinian Authority (PA) is continuing its anti-Israel campaign in international institutions.

This time, the PA has filed a complaint against Israel with one of the UN bodies, claiming Israel violated an international treaty and deliberately dumped hazardous waste in Palestinian territory.

In a statement, the PA claimed that Palestinian inspectors along with Palestinian police identified two Israeli garbage trucks leaving the Geshuri industrial zone, located west of Tulkarm, after allegedly throwing “dangerous” waste unto Palestinian territory.

The Palestinians joined the body, in which Israel is a member as well, a year ago - and they are taking advantage of this to file complaints against Israel.

In the past year, the PA has launched a “diplomatic war” and has filed dozens of complaints against Israel on various pretexts with various organizations, most of which have gone unanswered.

As part of this campaign, the PA joined the International Criminal Court (ICC) and filed several lawsuits against Israel for "crimes of execution in the occupied West Bank."

When the Palestinians applied to over 15 international agencies two years ago, the move torpedoed the peace talks with Israel that were taking place at the time.