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Shneor Walker is a psychodrama therapist who works with religious and haredi kids and adults who have been sexually harassed.

In his research, Shneor found that, among other things, kids who are likely to tell someone of the experiences are the ones least likely to be assaulted. "Predators are like hunters," he explains. "They know how to pick out the kids or grownups who will keep their mouths shut." He teaches children to share their traumatic experiences, thus empowers them to protect themselves against sexual harassment.

He, together with other professionals, have developed a program for schools and communities called Dare to Share (Latet Pe in Hebrew). This holistic program teaches parents, teachers and community members to develop the capacity to listen to such painful information. Then he goes into the classroom and teaches kids how to avoid becoming victims of sexual assault.

Tune in to find out statistics, symptoms of harassment, and more.

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