Temple Mount (file)
Temple Mount (file)Garret Mills / Flash 90

Among a number of individuals arrested during clashes between Jews and Muslims on the Temple Mount earlier Tuesday were two members of the Jordanian Waqf, the Islamic trust which administers the site.

The two Islamic "guards" were arrested for assaulting Jewish visitors.

Israel Police also arrested nine Jews during the day, claiming they had violated the rules; presumably, this includes the ban on Jews praying or showing religious worship of any kind on the Temple Mount. 

In total, 825 visitors ascended the Temple Mount Tuesday, including 557 tourists and 268 Israelis.

"The Jerusalem District Police, Border Police officers and police reinforcements in Jerusalem will continue providing extra security reinforcements throughout the city, and especially at flashpoints, in order to maintain order, public safety and welfare, as well as to regulate traffic," the Jerusalem police responded. 

Earlier Tuesday, riots broke out on the Mount, after a number of Muslim Arabs attacked Jewish visitors for bowing while on the site. Police released a statement vowing to keep the peace throughout the holiday.