Or Elbaz
Or ElbazCourtesy of the family

Celine and Yossi Elbaz, the parents of 17 year old Or, who was killed in a horrific bus accident in Haifa last week, published an emotional appeal to the public on Tuesday.

"Help us find our daughter's phone, which was lost in the accident," they said, explaining that Or's iPhone 6 had memories from the last several years. "We are ready to pay any price to get this phone and if someone found it and needs it, we're willing to buy another phone for them - our daughter's phone is the most important goal for us now." 

"Please - this is our only souvenir," Yosef added tearfully. "Her whole world was in that device."

"We do not know what happened to her phone," Celine added. "There are many different versions of what happened, but as of now we don't have it. The police have tried [to find it] and have investigated - nothing." 

Nine people injured in the accident have been hospitalized in Haifa-area hospitals, including one in critical condition, two in serious condition, and six in fair to good condition. Or's friend Elinor Lehem has been transferred from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to a regular ward. 

Meanwhile, the Israel Police have continued to investigate the accident, and have checked the bus's braking and steering system to test the driver's claims of a technical failure. 

The driver also claimed that a warning light had been on for several hours before the accident; Egged has denied this.