UK Labour Party MP Naz Shah has declared that all Israeli Jews should be "relocated" to the United States. She even suggested that the British government could pay for the "transportation costs" of removing Jews from the Middle East.

Her statements were uncovered by the website Guido Fawkes, which found a number of social media posts, including one that claimed the total cost would be "less than 3 years of defense spending," to which she added the phrase "problem solved."

Among her other posts was a link to a blog promoting conspiracy theories about Jews secretly ruling the government and warning that "The Jews are rallying to the poll."

In January, the Israeli embassy in England complained about Shah denying evidence of Palestinian rock-throwers killing Israeli children, even though she was provided with victims' names and information.

When asked for comment, Shah acknowledged writing the posts, but claims that she has become more moderate since being elected. "This post from two years ago was made before I was an MP, does not reflect my views and I apologise for any offence it has caused."

Shah represents Bradford West and defeated George Galloway in last year's election. While Galloway is notorious in his own right for his anti-Israeli sentiments and actions, Shah belongs to the main opposition party and is on the Home Affairs Select Committee, which is currently investigating anti-Jewish hatred in the UK.

The Labour Party has come under heavy criticism in recent months for its alleged tolerance of anti-Semitism.