North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un
North Korean dictator Kim Jong-UnReuters

North Korean tyrant Kim Jong-Un has chosen to hold a competition on state TV to find the nation's top cooks a la "Master Chef," even as two-thirds of his country's 27 million citizens are starving on minimal food rations.

Kim went to school in Switzerland where he became fond of European cheeses and wines, reports The Sun on Friday, although in the TV show the hefty despot was served terrapin stew and grey mullet fish soup.

“The festival was comprised of the exhibitions of gastrological (sic) hits, famous and local special dishes and compulsory dishes and the technical contest and demonstration of top chefs and waiters and waitresses," reported the Pyongyang Times, noting over 1,000 people took part in the contest.

“The participants presented famous local and foreign dishes and specialties of their units and local areas," added the report.

Not all the dishes consisted of terrapins and grey mullet fish however, as pizza and spaghetti were also on the menu, as was a five-pheasant dish and "broccoli five ways."

Kim, 33, is said to have health problems due to his weight, and he is rumored to have gout as recently he began walking with a limp. 

His indulgences and recent food flaunting on state TV come even as Amnesty International reports food rations have been reduced, and that those reductions have "severely threatened" the chances of citizens getting adequate food.

In December 2014 the UN voted to try Kim for crimes against humanity over his abuse of his own people, after a UN report earlier in the year detailed atrocities committed by Kim's regime against his own people that were "strikingly similar" to those committed by the genocidal Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler in World War II.

Kim's abuse of the North Koreans has also involved forcing them to get his bizarre haircut, and likewise he has shown an increasingly overt hostile stance towards the world with his nuclear arsenal.