Jerusalem bus explosion
Jerusalem bus explosionMagen David Adom Jerusalem

A day after a man wounded in Monday’s bus bombing in Jerusalem died from his injuries, new details have emerged regarding the alleged terrorist.

Immediately following the attack, which left at least 16 people wounded, Israeli police suspected that the most severely wounded passenger on the bus was the bomber responsible for the attack. The explosive device had been placed on the bus floor between his feet, suggesting that he was in fact the bomber, and that the device had exploded prematurely.

On Wednesday the Hamas terror organization claimed responsibility for the attack, telling Al-Jazeera that the alleged bomber was a member of the group.

New details emerged on Thursday regarding the suspected bomber, who has been identified as Abd al-Hamid Abu Srour, a 19-year-old from the Bethlehem area.

Israeli police have yet to confirm the identity of the young man, who was carrying no identification on the day of the attack.

Arab media sources claimed on Thursday that Abu Srour’s father had been taken into custody by Israeli security forces in order to conduct a DNA test to verify the man’s identity.

Evidence confirming Hamas’ allegation that Abu Srour was acting on their behalf has mounted in the days following the attack. Abu Srour’s mother released a picture of her son wearing a Hamas scarf, claiming that he requested she distribute the image after his death.

On Abu Srour’s Facebook account, the suspected bomber left several messages threatening Jews in revenge for the killing of terrorists by the IDF.

In response to a video of terrorist being gunned down by Israeli soldiers, Abu Srour wrote “Don’t worry, their day will come, with the help of Allah.” Similar messages were left in response to other such videos.