Shell of #12 bus
Shell of #12 busHadas Parush/Flash90

Hamas took responsibility for Monday's bus bombing in Jerusalem on Wednesday night, Al-Jazeera reports, after posting details of the bus bomber who died from his wounds Wednesday night.

Hamas identified the #12 bus bomber as a 19 year-old from the Aadia refugee camp near Bethlehem, listed as belonging to the organization; his name remains under gag order. Despite this, reports vary on whether the Hamas terror group itself formally took responsibility for the attack.

Notwithstanding the announcement, Walla! News reports, the Shin Bet and the Israel Police have not confirmed that the man who died Wednesday was, in fact, the terrorist behind the bombing or a passenger caught in the attack. They are reportedly relying heavily on forensic evidence and DNA from the scene in their investigation. 

A bomb exploded on the #12 bus in the capital Monday afternoon, injuring 16 people - mostly bystanders and passengers on an adjacent bus. 

Among the injured, at least two are still being treated in Jerusalem hospitals and are listed as being in light to moderate condition.