Avraham Hasno moments before he was run over
Avraham Hasno moments before he was run overReuters

The Military Prosecution has accepted an appeal from the family of terror victim Moshe Hasno to charge his killer with murder, instead of the lesser charge of manslaughter he was initially to face.

The Prosecution informed the Hasno family of its decision Tuesday afternoon to upgrade its indictment against Sahban Wael At-Titi at a military court to "intentional killing" - which is equivalent to the charge of murder under Israeli civil law.

Last week, the Hasno family voiced their outrage and launched an appeal against the prosecution's decision to only charge Titi with manslaughter. Relatives of the victim also met with senior prosecutors and expressed their shock at the decision.

The Arab truck driver ran over 54-year-old grandfather Hasno near Hevron last October, after the latter emerged from his car to confront Arab rock-throwers.

Photos from the scene, captured by a Reuters photographer, documented how the driver, who turned himself in to Palestinian Authority police claiming it was an accident, ran over Hasno at least twice, in an act of cold-blooded murder. After Palestinian police released him in March, Israel arrested At-Titi.