Elor Azariya in court with his parents
Elor Azariya in court with his parentsFlash 90

Charlie Azariya, the father of indicted IDF soldier Elor, told Channel 10 how he has been feeling the past few days and about Tuesday's support rally in Tel Aviv.

Azariya began by expressing his pleasure with the decision to allow his son to be released home for Passover, then rejected the attempts to link Elor's support for the Beitar Jerusalem soccer team and his shooting the terrorist in Hevron.

Charlie called on the public to attend today's rally and to support the IDF soldier who are working to protect the country. He emphasized that the rally is intended to express support for all IDF soldiers. "For me, every soldier is my son and I will fight for each and every soldier, even after this story is over."

In addition, he asked people to leave the investigation into the Hevron incident in the hands of the justice system, and not to exert pressure for any side.

Host Orly Vilnai-Meroz asked Azariya whether extreme statements against Arabs are made in his home, Azariya explained that he lives in Ramle, a mixed city, and his friends include people of different faiths and backgrounds. "We are in a war against terrorists, not against Christians or Muslims. We are only fighting against terrorists. Whoever comes to slaughter soldiers is a terrorist.

"Imagine if there was an explosive belt there, what would have happened? I would now be mourning for my son," he added.