Eli Yishai
Eli YishaiHadas Parush/Flash 90

Former MK Eli Yishai on Wednesday evening related for the first time to the investigation against his longtime rival, Shas chairman and Interior Minister Aryeh Deri.

Yishai was speaking at a special event for the holiday of Passover held by his current party, Yachad. Yishai left Shas before the last election and ran for the Knesset with Yachad, which failed to pass the electoral threshold.

"Many people have been asking me about the recent scandals, asking me to respond. You know me well. I never have and never will be gloating, G-d forbid," Yishai said.

“On the contrary,” he continued. “Indeed, we have moral and ideological differences and a political disagreement - but on a personal level we are all brothers, human beings, Jews and I hope for him and his family that with the help of G-d, the entire affair will end with nothing.”

Yishai’s comments came as the criminal investigation against alleged corruption on the part of Deri continues.

Earlier on Wednesday, it was reported that the corruption case had been expanded to include the minister’s brother, Shlomo Deri.

Shlomo Deri was interrogated under warning on Tuesday in connection with the case. His daughter was also questioned Tuesday night as part of the investigation.