Temple Mount (file)
Temple Mount (file)Garret Mills / Flash 90

The current terror wave is national-religious magazine Mekor Rishon's fault, journalist Reno Tzror claimed Wednesday. 

''This 'Intifada of the few' with knives and scissors - which is fading away these days, at least to the naked eye - began after a large increase of Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount," Tzror said, during an Army Radio broadcast. "This was the match. It set the fire on September 2015, seven months ago today, which until now has killed 43."

Tzror accused Mekor Rishon of encouraging more Jews to visit the Mount, noting it has had "a long campaign" in support of doing so. 

''And in spite of recurrent warnings, nobody stopped this mad escalation until the flame ate everything," he fired. "There is no fire like the Temple Mount to incite riots and cause great bloodshed."

The veteran journalist called to prevent Jews from visiting the Temple Mount.

"Now, at this time, we find that visits to the Temple Mount return," he fumed. "Sneakily, individuals, and through public gatherings - and, as we learned this morning, there was also a secret wedding on the Temple Mount. 43 people lost due to visits on the Temple Mount over the past year. It is better to stop now."

Mekor Rishon's editor, Haggai Segal, tweeted in response: "as someone who has threatened the destruction of the third temple, and screamed for years that we're headed toward civil war, I think it's time he calmed down already."