Avraham Hasno Hy"d
Avraham Hasno Hy"dReuters

IDF engineering units, working in conjunction with the Civil Administration, prepared to demolish the home of an Arab terrorist responsible for the death of Avraham Hasno.

Hasno, a resident of Kiryat Arba, was killed last October at the Al Fawar junction near Hevron.

After being ambushed by Arab stone-throwers, Hasno left his vehicle to pursue his attackers, but was intentionally run over and killed by Sahban Wael At-Titi.

At-Titi, who can be seen below driving his truck at the time of the murder, a 27-year-old resident of the Arab village of Dahariya near Hevron, ran over Hasno as he crossed the road, killing him.

Sahban Wael At-Titi Reuters
Hasno's murder
Hasno's murderReuters

The suspect was taken into custody by local Palestinian Authority police, but was later freed.

On March 9th Israeli special forces arrested At-Titi at his uncle’s house in Dahariya.

Overnight on Wednesday Israeli forces arrived at At-Titi’s home in Dahariya to map out the building, paving the way for its demolition in the coming days.