Barack Obama
Barack ObamaReuters

World leaders gathered on Friday in Washington for the Nuclear Security Summit to discuss the growing threat of nuclear terrorism.

Noting the chilling possibility of a nuclear attack, US President Barack Obama remarked that Islamic State terrorists have already made use of weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East, and that there is evidence ISIS has made efforts to acquire nuclear material.

"ISIL has already used chemical weapons,” Obama said. “[T]here is no doubt if these madmen ever got their hands on a bomb or nuclear material they would use it to kill as many as possible".

"It would change our world. We cannot be complacent. We have to build on our progress.”

Obama pointed out that other Islamic terror organizations have pursued nuclear weapons, and that the ISIS-affiliated terror cell believed to be responsible for massacres in France and Belgium was planning to attack nuclear facilities in Europe.

New footage of ISIS training has revealed that the terror group is plotting to use drones as part of a “dirty bomb” attack on Western cities. Western security agencies believe Islamic State terrorists are planning to use remote controlled devices to drop radioactive material on major metropolitan areas, potentially killing thousands.

“We have already seen Daesh trying to look at whether they can they get their hands on low-level crop-using-type drones,” said one British official.

According to The Telegraph, ISIS is believed to have already acquired 90 pounds of uranium.

British Prime Minister David Cameron emphasized that a nuclear attack by Islamic terrorists was a very real, and deadly possibility.

"The issue of nuclear security and the security of nuclear materials, particularly when it comes to the problems of international terrorism, the concept of terrorists and nuclear materials coming together – which is obviously a very chilling prospect. And something in the light of the Belgian attacks, we know is a threat that is only too real.”