Israeli flag (illustration)
Israeli flag (illustration)Flash 90

The Lowy Institute for International Policy recently published its Global Diplomacy Index (GDI), which found that despite the diplomatic threats of isolating Israel, the Jewish state currently stands ranked 29 in terms of diplomacy.

Lowy Institute, a top independent Australian think tank on international policy, rated all G20 and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries based on how many diplomatic posts they have abroad.

Israel came out 29th according to the Lowy team headed by Alex Oliver, director of the institute's polling. The results can be seen in the graphic below that displays the diplomatic networks of the various countries surveyed.

The findings showed that in addition to ranking 29 overall, Israel ranked 21 in terms of OECD countries. It has 105 diplomatic posts worldwide, consisting of 78 embassies, 21 consulates, five permanent missions and one "other representation."

Aside from the diplomatic ranking of 29, Israel scored much higher in terms of its defense budget which came in at 16 worldwide. In terms of total GDP Israel was ranked 29.

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