(Illustration)Photo: Flash 90

A 7-year-old boy tragically drowned Sunday afternoon in a hotel pool in the southernmost port city of Eilat.

Magen David Adom (MDA) paramedics were called to the hotel, whereupon they performed CPR on the child and evacuated him to Eilat’s Yoseftal Medical Center, where doctors were forced to pronounce his death.

Senior MDA paramedic Izzat Jaber was a guest at the hotel and said, "Friends who were with me at the pool called me when the boy was pulled from the water by a lifeguard, while MDA was being contacted I started to perform basic resuscitation on the boy with medical equipment at the pool.”

''After a few minutes, an ambulance arrived and the paramedics continued performing CPR on the child on the way to the hospital," Jabar said.

MDA paramedic Moshe Dahan who was called to the scene recalled: "A boy of about seven years was lying by the pool unconscious, without a pulse and was not breathing. We attempted advanced resuscitation as we transported him to the hospital.”