Scene of this morning's attack
Scene of this morning's attackJewish community in Hevron

The combat soldier who was filmed Thursday morning shooting a wounded terrorist did so because he feared that the terrorist was wearing an explosive vest and that he meant to detonate it, according to a relative of the soldier who spoke with Channel 2 news.

“The terrorist was wearing a thick coat on a hot day, he thought this was suspicious and he feared that he might be concealing a suicide vest and that he is about to set it off,” said the relative, presumably after speaking to the soldier.

The IDF suspended the soldier Thursday afternoon, after radical leftist NGO B'Tselem uploaded footage showing him shooting one of the Arab terrorists who conducted a stabbing attack earlier. The two terrorists had stabbed a soldier at a checkpoint, inflicting moderate wounds, before they were shot.

In the video, one terrorist can be seen lying motionless, but the other one moves slightly. A soldier wearing a cap with a visor cocks his weapon and shoots the terrorist, apparently hitting him in the head.

"An initial investigation found that this is a serious incident opposing the spirit of the IDF and what is expected from IDF soldiers and commanders," said the IDF Spokesperson Unit in a statement. "In light of the findings of the initial investigation conducted by the commanders, a Criminal Investigation Division investigation was launched. The soldier was suspended from his role until the end of the investigation."

Leftists and Arab nationalists inside and outside Israel have been hammering the IDF and Israel Police for allegedly “executing” terrorists even when they have been “neutralized” and no longer pose a risk. Other Israelis hold the view that in order to deter terror, the terrorists need to know that they will not come back alive from an attack. They note that it is very hard to determine with certainty, in an ongoing security situation, that a wounded terrorist no longer poses a threat.

Since Israeli media is replete with ultra-leftists, Israeli channels can be expected to play the footage of the shooting of the terrorist over and over again in an endless loop for the coming days.

The wounded soldier had been stabbed several times in the upper body and was later evacuated to Shaare Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem, where his condition stabilized and improved, and he was reclassified as being lightly wounded.