The UK Labour Party welcomed its anti-Semitic former member Beinazir Lasharie back into the fold, the political blog Guido Fawkes has revealed.

Lasharie rose to fame by competing on the TV show Big Brother in 2009, though she was kicked out within the first few days. She later turned her hand to politics and won a seat on the Kensington and Chelsea Council in May 2014.

The party suspended her last October, after her numerous anti-Semitic tweets came to light. On one occasion, she shared a video entitled "ISIS: Israeli Secret Intelligence Service" and added the comment comment: "Many people know about who was behind 9/11 and also who is behind ISIS. I've nothing against Jews… just sharing it!"

When faced with criticism, she tweeted: "My children's great grandfather was fully Jewish and had family members and businesses bombed by Nazis. I'm married to a white man, racist?" She also claimed that there is nothing wrong with demonizing Zionists because "Jews are not zionists, let's get that Straight [sic]."

A spokesperson for Kensington Labour told Guido Fawkes that Lasharie was reinstated in December, without explaining why.

This is the latest in a series of incidents involving anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. Another member who was suspended for her anti-Semitic posts was temporarily given a position on a local executive committee, while Labour students at Oxford University allegedly mocked Jewish terror victims.

Two Oxford University Labour Club officers have already resigned in protest against the society's treatment of Jews.

More significantly, party leader Jeremy Corbyn has called Hamas and Hezbollah as his "friends" and has been linked to notorious anti-Semites and a Holocaust denier.