The Islamic Jihad terrorist organization in Gaza published a threatening video late Tuesday night, in which it presented an "advanced weapon" in its possession pointed at an IDF vehicle driving along the Gaza security barrier.

The video comes as a message due to "the ongoing breaches of the ceasefire," according to the terrorists. The accusation against Israel is ironic given that the IDF on Saturday struck four terror sites in Gaza only as a response to rockets fired by local terrorists, in breach of the ceasefire that ended 2014 Operation Protective Edge.

In the propaganda film, terrorists from Islamic Jihad's Al-Quds Brigade are seen armed with rifles featuring advanced sights.

They are shown apparently observing an army vehicle in which the terrorists claim IDF officers sat, and setting up their "advanced weapon" - a Kornet antitank rocket launcher.

At the end of the film the terrorists are seen aiming the rocket launcher at the vehicle, but they do not fire, and then a message is shown in error-strewn Hebrew, reading: "to show you a shadow of the horror."

The video comes after Islamic Jihad on Tuesday said in a statement: "if Israel continues breaching, the ceasefire will end."

The terrorist group was apparently commenting on an IDF airstrike in which Hamas  targets were hit Saturday, reportedly killing two ten-year-old children according to Palestinian sources in Gaza.

The strikes came in response to four rockets from Gaza hitting open areas in the city of Sderot on Friday night, fortunately causing no physical injuries or damages. Then on Monday night Gaza terrorists again fired a rocket at the Shaar Hanegev region, in yet another breach of the ceasefire.

Even before the rocket fire on Friday, Islamic Jihad earlier in the day called to massacre Jews "inside their towns" in infiltration attacks.

Aside from rocket attacks, terror groups in Gaza have been busily rebuilding their attack tunnels, although no fewer than ten tunnel collapses have been recorded in recent weeks leading to numerous casualties among the terrorists.