Islamic Jihad terrorists during Gaza "victory" parade
Islamic Jihad terrorists during Gaza "victory" paradeFlash 90

A senior Islamic Jihad official called upon followers to carry out mass murder of Jews “inside their settlements”, during a mass demonstration the group held on Friday.

The Islamic terror group, which killed hundreds of Israelis in suicide bombings and shooting attacks across the country, is now pushing for a new wave of attacks.

Ahmed al-Modallal spoke at the rally, rejected condemnations by the United States and European Union, saying that “The Americans and Europeans won’t stop this intifada, which will continue to strike at the heart of the occupation”.

Al-Modallal called upon the Islamic faithful in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria to organize mass attacks “in the heart of [Israeli] settlements”.

“We call on our people in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria to send out groups to block the Occupation’s roads and settlers, and to strike at the settlements with thousands [of terrorists]; let the arms of the Mujahedeen strike at the heart of the settlers, so that these criminals will know they will never be safe on Palestinian land.”

In the past few weeks terrorists have attempted on numerous occasions to target Jewish families in their homes in the Samaria region, marking a relatively new tactic in the ongoing wave of terrorism.

In one case, a father fought off two terrorists who attempted to slaughter his wife and children inside his home in the town of Eli. Other infiltrations have been thwarted in Yitzhar and Kedumim.