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While many organizations are using International Women's Day (Tuesday) to examine women's status in society, the United Nations is being accused of merely seeing it as another opportunity to attack and lie about Israel.

The UN's Commission on the Status of Women is expected to release only one report focusing on a single country and how it treats women. Out of all the problems in the world, the group chose to look into Israel's treatment of Palestinian women.

The paper reportedly blames Israel for all problems facing Palestinian women and downplays any Palestinian wrongdoing against Israelis. One section, for example, blames Israel for domestic violence against Palestinian women in refugee camps.

Israel's ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon, has demanded that Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon edit the paper to remove its bias. "This report is a distortion of the truth and it should be amended immediately," he wrote in a letter.

The paper also describes the November 2014 terror attack against the Har Nof synagogue in which five Jewish worshipers and one Druze police officer were murdered. It dismisses the massacre as an "incident" in which five Israelis and two Palestinians were killed. Not only did the authors equate the innocent victims who were killed in cold blood with their murderers, it also seems to ignore Master Sergeant Zidan Seif, the Druze police officer who was shot while trying to stop the terrorists.

"This horrific episode was not an ‘incident.’ It was a carefully planned terror attack on a synagogue during morning prayers," explained Danon. "By equating the ‘two Palestinian men’ who carried out the massacre and the ‘five Israeli men’ whom they slaughtered, those with axes in their hands are treated in the same way as those holding prayer books."