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Haim Saban, an Israeli billionaire living in the US and a key backer of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, attacked Republican frontrunner Donald Trump on Saturday - while admitting that for opponents of the two state solution, Clinton will be "bad for Israel."

In a Hebrew-language interview with Channel 2, Saban was asked about the election "circus" in the US, and said, "we have a circus. We have a very funny world with Donald Trump."

The media mogul called Trump "kind of a court jester, who no one understands how he's gotten to where he is. But he got there, he's done it up till now."

"The Republican party is going crazy, they don't understand what's happening to them, and they woke up a little bit too late," he said, referencing the backlash from senior GOP officials such as Mitt RomneyJohn McCain, and other sources who have said they would even prefer Clinton over Trump.

Commenting on those efforts, he said, "we're seeing a very serious campaign to try and stop this tsunami that is called Donald Trump. Will they succeed or not? No one knows."

When asked if Trump would be dangerous for Israel, Saban said, "he's dangerous for the world, and since Israel is part of the world, he's also dangerous for Israel."

He quoted Trump's promise to be "unpredictable" in forcing peace talks on Israel, and added, "it's very difficult to know what exactly is going through his head. One day he gives an interview to an Israeli paper, and says 'you've never had such a good friend in the White House as you will the day I'm president.'"

"The next day they ask him about the situation in the Middle East and he says 'no I'm neutral, I'm from the UN. I don't get involved.'"

"You can't know with him. Every day it's something different. So I can't tell you if it'll be good or bad for Israel, (but) I can tell you that it will be unknown," emphasized the billionaire.

"If you're against two states, Clinton will be bad for Israel"

Saban was then asked whether Clinton, who he is financially backing, would be good for Israel, at which he said she has a history with Israel spanning back over 25 years.

"If you believe in two states for two peoples, Hillary Clinton will be wonderful for Israel, she'll be wonderful for the Middle East, wonderful for the world, wonderful for the United States," he said, noting her support of forcing Israel to create a Palestinian state in its Biblical homeland of Judea and Samaria.

"If you don't believe in two states for two peoples then Hillary Clinton isn't so good, if you don't believe in two states for two peoples, because she believes (in it)," he said. "I think she'll be wonderful for the whole world including Israel."

Emails from Clinton's illegal private server that she used during her time as secretary of state recently revealed that her plans for Israel include making minimal demands from the Palestinian Authority (PA), such as putting Israel on its official maps, while Israel would be required to make huge territorial concessions.

Regarding how Clinton would interact with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, he said, "I think she will get along with the prime minister in the most efficient way you can think of. They will get along together 100%. Because I take what the prime minister said - I take him at his word - he said two states for two peoples."

"How does that work on the ground? He has opinions, she has opinions, they'll sit around the table and I hope there won't be a gap between them. But I don't think there's any danger of tension, there's no chance of that."

Ironically US Vice President Joe Biden is to visit Israel on Sunday, bringing to mind his last visit when Clinton berated Netanyahu in a 43-minute phone call over a building announcement in Jerusalem made during Biden's time in the Jewish state. This time the US is working to force Israel to not build for Jews in the capital during the visit, while saying Arab building should continue.