A delegation from the Palestinian Authority (PA) "officially warned Israeli authorities" several days ago that the Palestinian government would end its security coordination with Israel if the state did not "commit to past agreements," a member of the PLO executive committee told the Bethlehem-based Ma'an news agency Thursday.

Wassel Abu Youssef said the head of PA Intelligence, Majed Faraj, as well as the Palestinian Minister of Civil Affairs, Hussein al-Sheikh, and the head of PA preventive security, Ziyad Hab al-Reeh, met with an Israeli security delegation to deliver the warning.

The PA delegation informed their Israeli counterparts that the PLO Central Council came to an official decision to work towards ending security coordination with Israel if the "current situation" were to continue, Abu Youssef said.

Abu Youssef reportedly added that the PA leadership does not fear the consequences of ending security coordination, as Israel is already "carrying out an open war against Palestinians."

He added that the decision to end security coordination has the support of other Arab countries.

Abu Youssef told Ma'an that the PA leadership expects that Israeli authorities will try to pressure the PA to reconsider its stance.

PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas threatened to end security coordination in a speech at the United Nations General Assembly on October 30, and similar threats have been issued countless times by PA officials.

The unwritten agreement between Israel and the PA appears to allow the PA to carry out rampant murderous incitement against Israel, as long as it cooperates with Israel on other levels. As a result of the PA's incitement, Arabs have been waging a cruel campaign of shootings and stabbings, which are all supposedly carried out by "lone wolves" or groups of two or three terrorists, without a central command.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, from September 13, 2015 to February 26, 2016 (last Friday), 33 people were murdered, and 359 people were injured by Palestinian terrorists. The attacks included 192 stabbings, 75 shootings and 39 vehicular attacks.

There have been additional attacks since last Friday, including an infiltration into the community of Eli Wednesday.