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How would a Hillary Clinton presidency relate to Israel? Recently released emails between the former Secretary of State and her top foreign policy adviser, Jake Sullivan, shed light on the kinds of demands Clinton would make on both Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

In the list of "steps" Clinton’s office expected the PA to take there are few concessions to Israel. The PA would be asked to stop incitement against Israel, with Sullivan noting that PA hides “behind local officials” whenever the issue is raised. The plan also calls for the PA and Israel to organize classroom forums bringing together Israeli and PA students to help nurture mutual understanding.

In addition, the PA would be required to put Israel on government-issued maps, and the historical Jewish connection with Jerusalem “acknowledged”.

The remaining actions for the PA to undertake include more permanent housing for refugee camps and anti-corruption efforts in the PA legal justice system.

Israel, on the other hand, would, in the framework of some larger agreement, be expected to make a number of serious concessions, including the creation of a voluntary compensation fund to encourage Jews to leave Judea and Samaria. The plan notes does note that housing construction would be tolerated within the major settlement blocs, but not beyond.

Israel would also be pressured to open up Area C, which is under full Israeli control, to Arab economic interests, in particular giving them greater access to rock quarries.

The outlined plan also included transferring greater security control of Judea and Samaria to the Palestinian Authority police, giving them full control of Area B and working to minimize IDF operations in Area A.