Bombing site in Baghdad.
Bombing site in Baghdad.Reuters

The death toll from a double suicide bombing in a Shiite district of Baghdad on Sunday reached 70, with more than 100 wounded, according to police, medics and morgue sources cited by Reuters.

ISIS claimed in a statement online that two suicide bombers had detonated explosive belts in Sadr City. According to police sources who spoke to Al Arabiya, the suicide bombers rode motorcycles through a crowded mobile phone market and detonated themselves.

An Al Jazeera reporter had a slightly different version of the events. He quoted sources who said the first bomb exploded on a motorcycle and the second suicide bomber blew himself up as people gathered to help the injured from the first blast.

ISIS also attacked an army position in the Abu Ghraib area west of Baghdad early Sunday morning, seizing it and killing at least eight security personnel before government reinforcements arrived and took it back later in the day.

ISIS also claimed twin suicide bombings targeting Shiite worshippers on Thursday that killed at least nine people in Shuala, another largely Shiite area in northern Baghdad.

The Iraqi government is currently building walls and trenches around Baghdad with the aim of restricting the movement of terrorists and curbing other illegal activity.