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A woman who abducted her daughter and disappeared for four years will pay the girl's father 650,000 shekels in damages in addition to extra compensation, a Tel Aviv court ruled.

The father is a citizen of France and Israel, and the mother was born in Turkey to a rich and influential family, reported News1. Their daughter was born in the year 2000 and the family resided in Israel. In 2004, the mother and daughter visited Turkey but never returned.

In court proceedings that reached the Supreme Court in Israel as well as the International Court for Human Rights, it was decided that the girl must be returned to Israel. The mother and daughter were located in 2008, and the girl was returned to Israel. The mother had been disguised as a Muslim.

The father sued both the mother and her father, who he claimed assisted her in the abduction. Judge Esther Zhitnitzky-Rakover deleted the defendants' defense affidavits since they refused to come to Israel.

The judge determined that the mother must pay most of the expenses the father incurred in searching for his daughter as well as legal expenses, and must pay another 340,000 shekels to compensate the father for loss of earnings during the time he searched for his daughter.

In addition, she must pay the father 650,000 shekels to compensate for his pain and suffering during the years he searched for the daughter. She decided not to fine the mother's father since his role in her actions was not proven sufficiently.