The Berlin Jewish community celebrated the entrance of a new Torah scroll today (Sunday). The scroll was donated by one of the community members as a gift to her husband on their golden anniversary.

Community rabbi and Chabad emissary Rabbi Yehuda Teichtal spoke with Arutz Sheva during the festivities. "More than 70 years ago, evil came out of here and burned Torah scrolls. Now we are privileged to bring in a Torah scroll and to spread the light - the Jewish light that is found in all corners of the city," he said.

Earlier, Rabbi Teichtal commented on the remarks by Udi Aloni, the son of Shlomit Aloni who lashed out at Israel during a Berlin festival. "Sadly, there are Jews who come here and condemn the State of Israel, and thus give legitimization to the anti-Semites who are here to denounce Israel."

The Jewish community in Germany is one of the oldest in the world. It was founded about 1500 years ago and has been continually active since - with the exception of the Holocaust, during which time the Germans destroyed the Jews of the city and bombed the magnificent synagogue hall.