Ambulance (illustrative)
Ambulance (illustrative)Flash 90

An explosion occurred in an apartment building in Kfar Saba early Sunday morning. Two elderly residents and a baby were lightly injured in the blast that was originally suspected to be a result of a gas leak. 

Upon further inspection police identified explosive residue that points to the cause of the explosion as being a bomb that was planted on site. So far nothing has been ruled out but police are assuming that the bomb was placed due to criminal intentions rather than by a terrorist.  

One elderly resident was admitted to hospital in moderate condition with deep cuts resulting from shrapnel caused by the explosion. A second elderly woman sustained a light head injury and was also admitted to hospital.

A third victim, a six month old baby, was hit by the shockwave of the blast and was send for checkups and observation. The central police division has taken over the investigation regarding the circumstances behind the bombing.