French Student Fair
French Student FairPR photo

Over 4,000 French students attended the Jewish Agency's Israel education fair at the Hyatt Hotel in Paris this week. 

The fair, which was cosponsored by MASA Israel, presented the prospective students with a wide variety of education and absorption programs available for them in Israel. 

The youngsters, aged 18-25, have all finished their high school programs and are looking to continue their education in Israel - amid a wave of anti-Semitism and violence sweeping across France. 

Jewish Agency staff presented the options and attempted to convince the students, many of whom were accompanied by their families, to choose Israel as the next step in their education as opposed to venturing further afield to the United States or other more local options such as Britain. 

Both academic institutions as well as yeshivot (Torah academies) participated in the event, including yeshivot who have a large French student body. 

Amos Hermon, Director of the Israel Experience division of the Jewish Agency, said the agency is well aware of the atmosphere in France. Israel is therefore making the option of continuing education as available as possible for French students of all backgrounds.

The fair focused mainly on institutions that also provide dormitory services for students from abroad but included several occupational tracks such as bank internships, Magen David Adom, and other internship programs that could help students gain a foothold in the Israeli job market.