Matti Goldstein of ZAKA International spoke with Arutz Sheva at the Jerusalem Conference on the subject of the organization being recognized as an official adviser and observer organization by the United Nations.

The recognition at the UN came after three years of intense work, said Goldstein, and even Iran voted for ZAKA to be recognized.

“I went and I met all the delegations for two or three hours, and I explained to them that we’re first and foremost a Jewish organization, and we’re from Israel, but we’re also the best one in the world.”

“We were the only ones who went to Nepal and took care of 34 Israelis and almost 600 people from around the world in Japan, in Nepal and in Haiti,” he continued. “And once they understand that we’re so good and we want to do joint ventures, they understood that they have to vote for us.”

“We want to train as many communities and states around the world to know to deal with disaster and terror,” explained Goldstein. “We want to share our knowledge. Most business and organizations want to keep their knowledge to themselves.”