A shouting match broke out Tuesday afternoon at the 13th Jerusalem Conference during a session on the "Hilltop Youth" moderated by Arutz Sheva editor Uzi Baruch. 

The storm erupted when the moderator turned to ask the opinion of Deputy Attorney General Raz Nazri, one of the attorneys involved in the investigation of the deadly Duma arson. 

Several of the self-identified "hilltop youth" yelled at Nazri, "Someone who tortures Jews shouldn't talk about the Hilltop Youth," before leaving the room. 

After the storm died down, Nazri asserted, "Whoever committed the attack in Duma not only has Arab blood on his hands but also Jewish blood. We see that the incident in Duma was motivation for the Arab terror wave."

A second clash subsequently broke out as nationalist activist and former Kedumim Regional Council head Daniella Weiss attacked Nazri, blasting, "You need to apologize for all the provocateurs that you planted."

Nazri continued the discussion noting "special measures" were taken against the Duma suspects, to which Weiss responded by calling him and his colleagues, "sadists."

For his part, Nazri stressed that "sodomy beds and electric shocking are urban legends," later noting that "there is a big gap between what I heard from the detainees and what is being said in their names."