Rain in Jerusalem (file)
Rain in Jerusalem (file)Yonatan Sindel / Flash 90

Much of Israel has been covered in rain, winds and clouds since last Friday, with flooding even recorded in certain coastal areas, but while Monday is expected to remain cloudy the rain is to taper off during the day.

Temperatures are predicted to rise slightly on Monday, although they will remain below seasonal norms, with the cold continuing overnight.

Mount Hermon, Israel's only ski site, reached a freezing 1° C (33.8° F) on Monday morning, with the site's management reporting that 35 centimeters (just under 14 inches) of snow has piled up since Saturday.

The site was opened to visitors and skiers on Monday, with ski courses to be open in accordance with the weather conditions and the rate of snow clearance.

The water authority said in statement that since Sunday morning, the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) has risen by a centimeter-and-a-half, bringing it to -212.755 meters. Currently 3.95 meters are lacking for the Kinneret to be full.

Monday's moderate rise in temperatures will continue into Tuesday, when there is to be partially cloudy to clear weather and an additional warming.

However, the rain is to return on Wednesday, with local showers expected mostly in the central and southern regions, and thunderstorms also possible. Light rains are anticipated to still be falling in the morning hours of Thursday.