Higher wages (illustrative)
Higher wages (illustrative)Kobi Gideon / FLASH90

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, as of November 2015 the average salary brought home by an Israeli was estimated at 9,385 shekels (just over $2,400). 

The number takes into account the various salaried employees throughout the country, which are numbered at 3,382,000 people. 

Of all the salaried employees 34.4% of them, or 1.164 million, are above the national average while 65.5% of them, or 2.218 million, are below the national average. 

Between the months of September to November of 2015, the nominal average salary rose by 2.9%, which is on top of the 3.1% growth that was seen previously during the previous quarter from June to August. During the same period the realistic average salary rose by 3.4% during the final quarter and an even higher 3.8% during the quarter of June to August. 

With the average Israeli salary on the rise, the hopes of bridging the large income gap in Israel continues to grow.