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A Michigan man arraigned in a federal court in Detroit last Thursday allegedly plotted to murder police officers and commit terror attacks at a Detroit-area church and local hospital. 

According to the Detroit Free Press, the FBI has reported that 21 year old Khalil Abu-Rayyan had trained with AK-47 and AR-15 style assault rifles and had amassed an arsenal of guns in preparation for planned terror attacks at an unnamed church and hospital. 

While refusing to name either target, the FBI did reveal that the church being targeted was a large congregation, able to house about 6,000 members.

Abu-Rayyan, who identified himself as a Palestinian Muslim, also planned beheadings and carried a large knife for that express purpose.

Though Abu-Rayyan has expressed support for the ISIS terror organization, no formal charges of terrorism have yet been made against him. His Thursday court appearance related to previous charges of drug possession and carrying illegally concealed weapons.  It is unclear whether Abu-Rayyan planned the attacks in isolation or in coordination with other ISIS members.