Stormy rain on Jerusalem's Yafo Street (file)
Stormy rain on Jerusalem's Yafo Street (file)Miriam Alster/Flash 90

Recent days have brought with them a welcome relief of warm weather from the wintry storms, but this weekend is expected to throw Israel back into winter mode as temperatures drop and the rains move in.

Friday night is anticipated to be partially cloudy with strong winds in the north and mountainous regions.

Alongside the cold, rains are to fall in the north and then on Saturday spread to the central region and northern Negev, as temperatures continue to fall. 

Thunderstorms and strong winds are also anticipated heading into Saturday night, and snow is to fall on Mount Hermon, Israel's only ski site. The south is expected to be hazy, with concerns over a risk of flooding in low regions.

Then on Sunday the rains will keep on falling intermittently from the north to the central Negev, and likewise the snow on Mount Hermon and the risk of flooding will also continue. Temperatures are to be below seasonal averages.

Friday night and Saturday temperatures are predicted to be as follows: from 13° C (55° F) at night to 21° C (70° F) at day in Tel Aviv, from 11° to 19° C (52° to 66° F) in Jerusalem, 14° to 21° C (57° to 70° F) in Haifa, 10° to 24° C (50° to 75° F) in Be'er Sheva and from 14° to 28° C (57° to 82° F) in Eilat.