Amiram Ben Uliel (right)
Amiram Ben Uliel (right)Arutz Sheva

Amiram Ben Uliel, the suspect who has been charged with murder in the Duma case, was taken to the Arab village and told to reenact the event to be recorded as part off the evidence in the case.

The Israel Security Agency (ISA) agents and police officers who took Ben Uliel instructed him to point to the location that the events occurred and to reenact for them the arson. 

According to an Army Radio report on Thursday, Ben Uliel gave vague answers and asked the officers "don't force me." The reenactment took place on Saturday night, December 20th, just three days after Ben Uliel confessed under extreme physical and emotional pressure and duress that the ISA investigators had applied to all of the suspects. 

According to the report, the detectives and ISA personnel took Ben Uliel to Duma and asked him "Where are we going?" Ben Uliel responded, "I have no idea." The detectives told him "just like what we talked about, nothing has changed, where are we going?" Ben Uliel responded and said "I don't know...To Duma." 

The detectives said "and what will we see in Duma." Ben Uliel answered and said "houses." "And what happened to those houses in Duma?" said the detective. Ben Uliel offered "they were burned." 

The detective then read for Ben Uliel a pre-written document that said "I am prepared of my own free will to point out what happened," and then told Ben Uliel to sign the document. 

One of the officers told Ben Uliel to take off his kippah and put a hat on, and to roll up his payot during the search. The officer said "I don't want you to stand out here."  Ben Uliel surprised the officers and said "I want to stand out here. Why, what should I be ashamed of?"

According to the report, Ben Uliel wanted the Palestinian residents to know what was happening and who was coming, since they already knew that a reenactment was taking place. 

Ben Uliel later on described the events as the ISA believe them to have occurred, including certain facts and information that only the investigators or perpetrator could have known. He described that the bottle of the firebomb was colored green, for example, and he also gave a detailed description of the Dawabshe family's car and house. He mentioned that he stood during the flight from the house after the attack occurred, a detail corroborated by eyewitness accounts, according to the ISA.

Ben Uliel's lawyers claim that the reenactment is unusable as evidence and it was forced out from Ben Uliel under duress. Hai Haber, one of the attorneys on the case, said: "I don't know how the prosecutors will be able to prove that this is a truthful testimony, since it is clear that they were not given of his own free will, but that physical and emotional duress form the basis of these confessions."